This is How We Do Things Here
Here’s The Journey That You’ll Be Taking

We have a process that we believe will greatly impact things in terms of giving quality service to our clients. Yes, we know, if you are the client you would probably say that this is a bit of a hassle because all you want is a good website and why not just deliver it.

Mojobitz firmly believe that you have a good reason why you want a website. We follow a process that could help you and us to answer all of your problems and find a solution.

Our Process













The discovery phase is the information-gathering phase, wherein we have a small chat so that we may know significant and essential things about you and your company.

Your company

Relevant information such as your short and long-term goals, current standing in the industry or market you’re in, competitors, audience / target market, and products and services offered,

The existing problems

We both assess and identify what works, and what doesn’t, especially in your technical needs.

Your main purpose

What is it that you truly want to achieve?

Taking all these into consideration, we then tackle what your requirements are. To make things a bit easier for the both of us, we are going to provide you with a checklist to help you to ensure that all the important aspects are covered, and for you to maximize our services.

What needs to be done

  • We need to get to know you first
  • We’ll get what you need
  • Our team will gather solutions based on your inputs
  • We will identify performance indicators
  • We’ll present to you our solutions



The casting phase takes place on our end, wherein we will develop the website on  a development server. Easy as it may sound, this phase is really complicated because we need to take into account factors that will make your website intuitive, engaging, fast, and responsive.

Without meeting these four requirements, you will not be able to attain your goal. We will also need to make sure that the prototype that we are building answers all of your technical requirements.

What needs to be done

  • We will build and test prototypes
  • We need to Identify problems and develop answers or solutions
  • We will gather requirements to build a beta
  • We will identify performance indicators
  • The team will present to you the beta release and ask for feedback



In this phase, we will check your content and transform it to make it more online-friendly. In order to do so, we would need from you the contents needed for the website, because we believe that the best content comes from you – the owner – as you know your company best.

Contents that are to be submitted are (but not limited to): information about your company – a brief history, mission and vision, branches or outlets, contact information, as well as services and products offered, and process. The team will ask you to submit these contents on the Casting Phase so that we can continue on working your submitted documents on the Progression Phase.

As the site developer, one of the essential parts of our job is to enter your content on the site and place it in a way that is presentable and appealing to the user. In this phase, a fully working prototype which you test with users is also built. You’ll continuously improve on the prototype until it’s ready to replace or integrate with the existing site.

What needs to be done

  • Improve readability and optimize content
  • Continuously improve beta until it suits your needs, and gains your approval
  • We will do a close beta testing



The deployment phase is the process of transferring the website from the development server to production. This is where we test the website’s performance, and install the final modules such as SEO plugins, sitemaps, security, and google analytics.

We then undergo an acceptance testing to make sure that your website is up and running. This acceptance testing is when we let you take control over the site and teach you the ropes as to how things work, if needed.

What needs to be done

  • Transfer the website into the production environment
  • Run the beta for the acceptance testing process
  • Monitor through user feedback and analytics



The launch phase is the final step on a web development project and this is where we present you with two options

You can avail of our maintenance and SEO package, wherein you entrust us with taking care of your website through maintenance and monitoring OR you can choose to avail of our turnkey website offer, wherein you’ll just receive the website you asked for, and you can maintain it on your own.

But whichever you choose, we do recommend you to continue until the LAUNCH phase, and we’ll give you some strategic advice on how to boost your business and take you to the next level.

What needs to be done

  • Let users know about the changes
  • Plan on redirecting traffic to the site
  • Manage data gathered all throughout the project
  • Setup a staging site for further development
  • Gather feedback from the client about each phase / process *

If you opt to let us manage your website, we will enter what we call the Kaizen Phase


Mojobitz’ Continuous Improvement Process, adapted from a Japanese practice: Identify what needs improvement in each phase, research possible solutions, iterate then release.

Mojobitz believes that your website needs to continually grow in this fast-paced environment.